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Final BIOLYFE Conference, 4th December 2013, Brussels. View the presentations

2nd BIOLYFE Conference, 4th June 2013 in Copenhagen, Denmark. View the presentations

BIOLYFE SWOT Workshop, 3rd April 2013 in Madrid, Spain. Find more information here

The official opening ceremony of the new fuel station took place on 7th June 2012 in Tortona, Italy. It was possible to fuel vehicles with E10 and E85 bioethanol. More information on the event you may find here 

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Product utilisation: second generation bioethanol available at the new fuel station

In order to demonstrate the full supply chain for second generation ethanol and to increase the visibility of the technology, BIOLYFE included the set-up of a fuel distribution infrastructure and a E85 fuel pump. On 7th June 2012, the official opening of the new fuel station took place in Tortona, Italy. It was possible to fuel Flex-Fuel vehicles with two types of blended gasoline: E10 (a mix of gasoline with 10% of bioethanol) and E85 (a mix of gasoline with 85% bioethanol). The opening of the fuel station is an important step towards the comprehensive concept ‘from the field to the wheel’ and is a real alternative to traditional fossil fuel.

During the inauguration ceremony, Mossi&Ghisolfi Group donated a Flexi-Fuel car (an alternative fuel vehicle with an internal combustion engine designed to run on more than one fuel, usually gasoline blended with ethanol) to the city of Tortona. Other three Flexi-Fuel cars are used by the Group to advertise the product and demonstrate the benefits of PROESA® technology for the production of second generation bioethanol. Flexi Fuel Vehicles (FFV) are promoted among local end-consumers, both private users, and public and company fleets. In addition, the produced fuel was be tested with a dedicated test fleet.



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