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BIOLYFE results

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Final BIOLYFE Conference, 4th December 2013, Brussels. View the presentations

2nd BIOLYFE Conference, 4th June 2013 in Copenhagen, Denmark. View the presentations

BIOLYFE SWOT Workshop, 3rd April 2013 in Madrid, Spain. Find more information here

The official opening ceremony of the new fuel station took place on 7th June 2012 in Tortona, Italy. It was possible to fuel vehicles with E10 and E85 bioethanol. More information on the event you may find here 

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Weblinks on second generation bioethanol

The Seventh Framework Programme (FP7) of the European Commission

Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation programme

IEA Bioenergy Task 39 on "Commercializing 1st- and 2nd-Generation Liquid Biofuels from Biomass"

ePure: The European Renewable Ethanol Association

Other projects

DISCO: Targeted discovery of novel cellulases and hemicellulases and their reaction mechanisms for hydrolysis of lignocellulosic biomass

NEMO: Novel high-performance enzymes and micro-organisms for conversion of lignocellulosic biomass to bioethanol

BABETHANOL: New feedstock and innovative transformation process for a more sustainable development and production of lignocellulosic ethanol

BIOTOP: Biofuels assessment on technical opportunities and research needs for Latin America

HYPE: High efficiency consolidated bioprocess technology for lignocellulose ethanol

SWEETFUEL: Sweet sorghum - An alternative energy crop for biofuel production in semi-arid and temperate regions

BEAUTY: Bio-ethanol engine for advanced urban transport by light commercial vehicle & heavy duty

BIOMAP: Development of time-enabled mapping and dissemination tool for biofuels projects

GLOBAL-BIO-PACT: Global Assessment of Biomass and Bioproduct Impacts on Socio-economics and Sustainability

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